Helping Entrepreneurs and Corporations start and grow Transportation Brokerages!

Freight Broker Training

Got a Trucking Company?

A Transportation Brokerage is the next step!

Now is the time!

You are leaving too much money on the table by not having your Transportation Brokerage up and running.

Freight Broker Training

If you have a Trucking Company, the next step is to open a Transportation Brokerage!

If you are tired of:

  • Brokers taking your profit
  • Brokers deducting fees
  • Brokers having direct access to shippers
  • Being scammed by these so called "Dispatching Services"

Oh, wait! What if you are factoring your invoices and you opted in for quick pay? Guess what? That is even more money being deducted from your profit. All major players in the industry have a Transportation Brokerage side of their Trucking Company, and that Transportation Brokerage is keeping the majority, if not all, of the money in-house.

What if...

  • What if you could learn step-by-step instructions on how to start and grow a Transportation Brokerage so other brokers won't take your profit?
  • What if you could learn how to broker freight, train your team, and grow your Transportation Brokerage all in one place?
  • What if you could stop other brokers from taking your profit, deducting fees, and having direct access to the shippers you have built relationships with already?

Hi, I'm Andre Erving,

The Real Freight Boss

I help entrepreneurs and corporations that are tired of not seeing the profits they should; start, operate, and scale Transportation Brokerages.

I've created my Freight Broker Training program because I have experienced the bumps in the road just like all Owner Operators and Trucking Companies.

Freight Broker Training

After driving for ten years, being an Owner Operator, and being out there with boots on the ground, I know the problems Owner Operators and Trucking Companies are having, and keeping profits in-house is one of them.

"Whether you're an Owner Operator or you have a Trucking Company, starting a Transportation Brokerage side of the business is essential, and you must do this so your businesses can go to the next level."

Until you start a Transportation Brokerage you will:

  • Continue to have fees deducted because you had a blowout and were late
  • Continue to never see the Rate Con with the actual pricing on it
  • Continue to lose a minimum of 30k per year
  • Continue to be charged QuickPay fees plus an extra $20 for each $1000
  • Continue to be stuck on the Load Boards looking for loads
  • Continue to use these "Dispatching Services" 😂 I have to laugh every time I hear, see or type this. Why would you give a complete stranger your MC Certificate, W9 (Which most owner-operators have their social security number on), Insurance, Bank Account information, and other documents to a person that does not have anything that is verifiable with the government? Who are you going to sue when the "Dispatching Service" takes your MC number and starts purchasing Load Boards and a TMS with your information and start getting loads from brokers and shippers acting like they are you, and the brokers and shippers find out their loads were double brokered by this "Dispatching Service"? We'll talk more about this inside of my course!

My Freight Broker Training program is a unique online, go-at-your-own-pace training program that I've designed specifically, for everyone.

With my Freight Broker Training program, you will:

  • Learn the steps to broker a load
  • Learn how to quote shippers
  • Learn what documents are needed
  • Learn how to open your own brokerage
  • Learn how to scale your brokerage

"Whether you're an Owner Operator or you have a Trucking Company, starting a Transportation Brokerage side of the business is essential, and you must do this so your businesses can go to the next level."

Here's what's inside:

My Freight Broker Training program is a straight-to-the-point 7-module course that will teach you how to start a Transportation Brokerage from scratch and scale it to a profit machine.

Each module will provide step-by-step instructions on what to do next and what forms to use, you will see examples and have access to templates.

Module 1

  • History of Trucking
  • History of Brokering
  • How to Setup Your Office
  • Prospecting
  • Prospecting Shippers
Freight Broker Training
Freight Broker Training

Module 2

  • Shipper
  • Carrier Package
  • Rate a Load
  • Electronic Logging Devices
  • Minimum Load Fees

Module 3

  • Type of Equipment
  • Interacting with Shippers
  • Never Stop Prospecting
  • Working With Cheap Freight
  • Negotiating With Carriers
  • Working Priority Loads
Freight Broker Training
Freight Broker Training

Module 4

  • Truck Lane Building
  • Working a Load
  • Refreshing Loads
  • Co Brokering / Double Brokering
  • Communicating With Carriers
  • Approved Carrier Database

Module 5

  • LTL - Less Than Truckload
  • Freight Class
  • Hundredweight
  • Rating an LTL Load
Freight Broker Training
Freight Broker Training

Module 6

  • Carrier Directories
  • Carrier Setup
  • Carrier Due Diligence
  • Carrier Load Confirmations
  • Load Tracking
  • Damage & Claims

Module 7

  • Broker, Agent, Employee, Dispatcher
  • Marketing
  • Average Day
  • Prospecting
  • Steps to Broker a Load
Freight Broker Training
Freight Broker Training

Resource Module

  • Contact Managers
  • Steps to Broker a Load
  • Carrier Checklist
  • Talking to Shippers

and more.

Freight Broker Training

"Whether you're an Owner Operator or you have a Trucking Company, starting a Transportation Brokerage side of the business is essential, and you must do this so your businesses can go to the next level."

You might be thinking...

Can I afford this?

You have to weigh your options and ask yourself, do I learn how to broker freight and start my own Transportation Brokerage, or do I continue to lose at least 30k per year using brokers and "dispatching services"? These are your only two options.

This might be too expensive.

The price of my course is the profit you will lose on two to three loads from using brokers; the broker will take two to three hundred per load; if you have your Transportation Brokerage already, that is an extra two to three hundred that stays inside the business. Remember, keeping the money in-house is always the best idea.

Let me go to YouTube university.

If someone has valuable knowledge to pass on to someone concerning a 6, 7, or 8-figure business, do you think they are going to put that knowledge on YouTube for free? I go to YouTube if I want to know something like "How do I screenshot on my phone? I do not go to YouTube to learn a trade or skill; that is something I would go to school for or pay someone to teach me.

What my students are saying

Thousands of 5 Star Reviews

Some people only give reviews when something happens; they never give a good review. In this case, thousands of people left good reviews; I just recorded a few in this video.

This is happening because:

"I love what I do, so I put love into what I do!"

When you enroll in my Freight Broker Training course today, you will get all this:

  • Freight Broker Training course ($1000 Value)
  • How to calculate rates (Free)
  • Steps to Broker a Load video (Free)
  • Resource Module (with many items to download)
  • Completion Certificate

A value of over $1000

Freight Broker Training

All yours today, for only


Freight Broker Training

My Freight Broker Training is not...

A get-rich-quick scheme. You must do the work.

I do not guarantee you will make a certain amount of money.

The information you are purchasing is provided for educational purposes only.

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