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Broker & Dispatcher Bundle

Our online courses for Freight Broker and Dispatcher Training provide step-by-step guidance to start a successful business in these industries. The Freight Broker course includes: Freight Broker Training Freight Broker Training - Workbook Private Members Community Working a Load Prospecting Calculating Rates Completion Certificate and more. The Dispatcher course includes: The Role of a Dispatcher What is a Broker How to set up a Dispatch business How to Find Carriers Dispatcher / Carrier Agreement Fees / Payments TMS / Loadboards Additional Services How to setup a carrier What the FMCSA Says You will receive one year of access to this course. These courses aim to simplify the basics of freight brokering and dispatching a carrier. Once you finish these courses, you will possess all the necessary information and paperwork to establish a brokerage or work as an agent and open your own dispatch business. You will have one year of access.




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