Hands On Training - 8 Weeks

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Deposit - $1999.50

Balance - 3 payments of $1999.50

1. You will have access to all online courses and materials after you make the deposit today.

2. You can attend Hands On Training and pay $1999.50 per week until complete.

3. We will start working on your project when your balance is $1999.50.

4. The final payment will be due when we finish your project.

5. You may bring the full balance on the first day of class.

6. If you pay it off before you come in, you can broker using your business information instead of ours.

7. When your authority becomes active with the FMCSA in 30 days, we will be finished with your entire project and you can start brokering using your business information in class.

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"Andre presented well. I am now equipped with the knowledge to move forward to being a Freight Broker/Agent. Thanks! Andre"

Mark R.

Here's what you get:

  • 8 Weeks Hands On
  • Freight Broker Training
  • How to Find Carriers
  • How to Find Shippers
  • Train on the TMS
  • Train on the load board
  • Train on the phone
  • Completion Certificate
  • Business Entity (LLC or INC)
  • EIN Number
  • MC Certificate (Authority)
  • Shipper Package
  • Carrier Package
  • Website
  • Logo
  • Laptop or Desktop
  • Business Phone System
  • Business Email
  • TMS Software
  • Load Board Setup
  • Business Cards (1000)
  • Brochures (300)
  • 4 embroidered shirts with logo
  • 1 embroidered jacket with logo

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