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According to a report by Market Research, the global freight brokerage market has seen a consistent increase. The US Freight Brokerage Market was valued at USD 1.164 billion in 2020 and is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 36.2% from 2021 to 2028, reaching USD 13.78 billion by 2028. The tremendous growth of the e-commerce industry worldwide has led to a significant rise in demand for shipping transportation.

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Andre Erving


Freight Broker Training

Andre Erving 

Founder / CEO


Andre Erving Global

What is Andre Erving Global?

Andre Erving Global is a transportation services provider founded by our CEO, Andre Erving, an author, mentor, speaker, and thought leader. Our organization provides exceptional online and in-person training courses for individuals and businesses in the transportation industry and those trying to enter the industry.


Our training programs include freight broker, dispatcher, and trucking company training. Andre Erving Global has been committed to helping people excel in the transportation industry since 2015, serving over 100 countries worldwide and receiving thousands of reviews.

In addition to our training programs, Andre Erving Global offers various business services to help customers set up and maintain their businesses easily. These solutions include business entity structure and formation, web design, graphic design, consulting and mentoring services, broker and carrier authority filings, transportation brokerage and trucking company formation, and much more.


Andre Erving Global is a one-stop shop for your transportation needs.

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How did Andre Erving Global Start?

Twenty years ago, he started a journey in transportation but had no idea what he wanted to do. He knew transportation was the direction, however.

Of course, it didn’t work as planned, so he went to college instead and got a degree in Computer Information Systems. After completing college, Andre looked for jobs but was offered an entry-level position that paid around $9.00 an hour, which he didn't find satisfactory.

Andre Erving Global

So, he started working as a contractor in IT, which paid more. He ended up creating a mobile computer repair company called Cheap Squad. If you're in Chicago, IL, he may have even fixed your computer before! Long story short.


Everything was going well; he had IT contracts and had so much work that he needed help. Andre had built a business; life was good. But then, Andre thought and said, "What about my journey I was starting in transportation?"

Andre took a beating to himself about it and decided to pursue his journey in transportation again. He had quit pursuing his ultimate journey and started another as if he were a quitter. Things happened, circumstances, whatever it was that happened, but it was time to double back on his journey in transportation. He sold the company.

Moving Forward

Andre is now in trucking driving school, getting his commercial driver's license (CDL), and he is still trying to decide which career path he wants to take. He completed the program and obtained his CDL. He went out with a trainer for 30 days over the road and learned how to drive a semi-truck.

Andre finished the 30-day training with a trainer, and now, he is a solo Professional Driver, driving over the road. Andre had now doubled back on his journey and got into transportation just like he had planned.


He proved to himself that he wasn’t a quitter and could do anything he put his mind to. 

Freight Broker Training
Freight Broker Training

Andre got so good at driving that he transitioned to a Driver Trainer. Students went with Andre for 30 days now, just like he went with a trainer for 30 days.


He provided personalized instruction and constructive feedback to all his students and aimed to instill in them the confidence and competence necessary to face the challenges of the open road.


Andre's driver training approach was anchored in a professional tone, ensuring that the aspiring drivers not only grasped the technical aspects of their jobs but also imbibed a sense of responsibility and professionalism, which is essential in the transportation industry.


As Andre embarked on another journey, he progressed in the trucking industry. His dedication and hard work paid off, allowing him to become an Owner-Operator.


This moment represented his career's growth and gave him the sense of responsibility and independence that came with it. It marked the beginning of a new chapter in transportation, and Andre could make decisions about his schedule and routes and take his business to any level he wanted.


This purchase was a testament to Andre's commitment and determination to succeed as a professional truck driver. He has now started another business.

Freight Broker Training
Freight Broker Training

Now, Andre needed to figure out how or where to get loads to haul. He didn’t have a trailer, either. He searched, asked around, and stumbled across the term Freight Broker.


Andre had to figure out what this was and how to get in touch with one or become one since this was the person who could help him get loads to haul. He searched around again and stumbled across Freight Broker Training.


Andre reached out immediately and asked how much it was to train him. He followed through, got trained, and is now a Freight Broker Agent working from home. His truck was still sitting, collecting dust. He was not mad because he was still making money brokering freight. Andre didn't have to drive anymore to make a living.

Andre is now traveling around the country, brokering freight on his laptop. A year passed, and Andre said, "Why not open a freight brokerage instead of working for one?"


He took a bold leap again, and now Andre is a Transportation Brokerage Owner. This move expanded his thoughts; he could foster an environment where he could provide opportunities for new and existing freight broker agents and let them thrive on his platform.


But where was he going to get agents from? He had to find people who wanted to broker freight, train them, and let them be agents for his brokerage.

Freight Broker Training
Freight Broker Training

On his downtime, Andre created a virtual one-on-one course and became a Freight Broker Trainer. He also found a driver for his truck and figured out how to get power-only loads to haul.

Andre is now brokering freight for his brokerage, training students online virtually, and keeping his truck running. He started getting so many students who signed up for virtual training that he had to create an online course; he couldn’t keep up with the sign-ups. Andre created the Freight Broker Training online course. The sign-ups were off the charts, and his students always asked if he was going to offer in-person training.

Andre Erving Global


Andre Erving Global


Andre listened to his students and created a specialized Hands On Freight Broker Training program tailored to the needs of current and future students. This program combines online and in-person hands-on learning opportunities. Students can complete the online course and then attend in-person training for 1 to 6 weeks; the longer they are with Andre, the better off they will be.

Andre's training teaches you how to become a freight broker and start your own freight brokerage. You can expect a fully equipped learning environment when you join him at one of his locations. Each student will receive a computer, phone, and business email during training. This will ensure they have all the necessary tools to succeed.

While in training, Andre and his team will guide students through the process by demonstrating each step. This hands-on approach enables students to gain a deeper understanding and build confidence. They will then be allowed to practice and complete the steps themselves, reinforcing their learning and practical skills.

Andre's journey as a freight broker trainer has been an enriching experience. He is passionate about opening doors for anyone interested in learning how to broker freight. Together with his dedicated team, they offer guidance and support as students embark on their own journey to success. Andre takes pride in coaching and assisting students with building their businesses from scratch, just as I did.

Andre Erving is Global

Andre Erving Global

Thousands of 5 Star Reviews

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