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10k Experience Program


Objective: The 10k Experience Freight Broker Training Program is a specially designed course to help individuals become successful freight brokers by learning in a live brokerage environment. Led by an expert named Andre, this program equips its participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to earn a monthly income of 10k or more by utilizing proven strategies. Having the proper training, equipment, tools, and resources is crucial for anyone aspiring to become a successful freight broker, and this five-week program offers all of these and more. 


Benefit: Andre has a wealth of experience in the transportation industry, with over 20 years of knowledge and expertise. Andre and his team will assist you in setting up your own Business and Transportation Brokerage and provide comprehensive training on how to run it effectively. By the end of the six-week program, you will have a fully established business and a successful transportation brokerage.


Here's what's included:


  • 6 Weeks In Person Broker Training

  • Factoring Company Setup

  • Freight Broker Training - Online Course

  • 2 Full Body Professional Photos

  • How to Find Carriers - Online Course

  • Transportation Management System

  • Business Entity (LLC or INC)

  • Load Board Setup

  • Employer Identification Number

  • Business Cards (1000)

  • Broker Authority (MC Certificate)

  • Brochures (250)

  • USDOT Number

  • One embroidered polo shirt

  • Shipper Package

  • One embroidered jacket

  • Carrier Package

  • Lifetime Post Training support

  • Brokerage Website

  • Build your book of business in training

  • Custom Logo

  • One-on-one coaching after training

  • Laptop or Desktop Computer System

  • Time Management Training

  • Business Phone Number

  • Leadership Training

  • Marketing Plan

  • Learn how to bring on agents

  • Business Plan

  • 2 Headshot Professional Photos

  • Business Email

  • Payroll Setup

  • How to Find Shippers - Online Course

  • Completion Certificate


Here's your weekly schedule


Week 1




Introduction: On your first day at Broker Freight Academy, we will go over introductions and paperwork and assist you in setting up your computer and phone. Your computer will be available at our facility to use while you are here. All other necessary items will be shipped to your home.





Average Day: On the second day, we will review what a typical day looks like for a broker. Each staff member will work individually with everyone to go over their business documents, websites, shipper packages, carrier packages, email accounts, and more. Professional photos will also be taken, so please be prepared. Andre will give presentations, and the class will begin performing broker tasks.




Action: Great news! All businesses have been set up correctly, and you are ready to start brokering under your own Broker Authority. You will begin building your business by prospecting and receiving guidance. Our staff will work with each individual to ensure they do things correctly. This way, you can start building your business with confidence.




Action: On Thursday, the team will resume their tasks from Wednesday and begin communicating with carriers and reviewing the load boards. Additionally, they will respond to customers' emails and provide quotes for loads. Each team member will also work on building their shipper and carrier databases. By doing so, everyone will start feeling more confident about growing their business.




Action: On Friday, the class will continue their tasks from Wednesday to Thursday. This includes responding to customers' emails, providing quotes for loads, and working through the brokering process. They will also continue to build their shipper and carrier databases. Additionally, they will begin using the TMS and continue working on load boards. Finally, the team will start moving towards brokering their first load. During this time, you will notice improved communication and multitasking abilities.


Week 2 - Week 5


Action: During weeks 2 through 5, we will continue working on the tasks assigned to us from the previous week. In addition, we will be responding to customers' emails, providing quotes for loads, and working through the brokering process. We will focus on building our shipper and carrier databases and working on the TMS and load boards. This is when we will start experiencing the complete process of brokering a load. As we progress, our communication and multitasking skills will improve. We will feel more comfortable and confident about what we are doing. We will create rate confirmations and set carriers up using the TMS. At this point, your business will be growing.


Week 6 (Thursday and Friday)


Action & Ceremony: By week 5, all students will have seen the entire process of brokering a load and will continue their tasks from the previous weeks. On Thursday and Friday, our staff will guide you through running your back office and completing administrative tasks. They will also review all your documents and website again and answer any questions you may have. We will hold a ceremony to celebrate your success and hand out certificates. You will then arrange your first one-on-one post-training meeting.




Six Weeks: After completing your six-week training, you can attend weekly meetings for six weeks via Microsoft Teams. We will evaluate your progress during these meetings and provide additional guidance if needed. The first meeting will take place two weeks after you finish your training. Once your six-week period is completed, you may schedule phone or video meetings anytime for further discussions.

10K Experience

$13,450.00 Regular Price
$9,953.00Sale Price
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