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Brokering Freight Requires Specific Skills And Knowledge

  • This in-person training program offered by Andre is currently being held in Atlanta, GA and Chicago, IL 

  • Obtain the powerful skills with your fellow Freight Broker Academy members

  • Receive exclusive and personalized training directly from Andre

  • PLUS – You will have a fully set up Transportation Brokerage upon arrival. This will allow you to build your business in person while receiving guidance from Andre and his team

4 People Per Class

Classes start every 5 weeks

Meet your Instructor

Andre is an expert in the field of transportation. He has an exceptional background in personal and professional development, and his vast knowledge and experience have positively impacted the lives of over 100,000 individuals from over 100 different countries.


What sets Andre apart is his unwavering dedication to serving others. Whether he's interacting with people virtually or in person, his outstanding character and leadership skills are always on display. He is committed to helping others, and his influence and guidance have been instrumental in the lives of many. His impact on the industry is immeasurable. Andre's passion for transportation is matched only by his desire to make a positive difference in the lives of those he serves.

Andre Erving Global

10k Experience Program

Objective: The objective of the 10k Experience Program is to show you how to master the skill of brokering freight in a real-world brokerage environment and how to make 10k or more per month using Andre's proven strategies. You can not broker freight successfully without the proper training, equipment, tools, and resources. This 10k Experience Program provides what you need and more. 


Benefit: Andre and his team will set up your Business and Transportation Brokerage from scratch and teach you how to run it. With over 20 years in the transportation industry, Andre provides knowledge and direction to help you succeed. By the end of his program, you'll have a set-up business and a transportation brokerage, a solid customer base, and expert guidance to grow your business. Andre's team will be available every step of the way, and you'll receive lifetime post-training support to ensure your continued success.

Here's what's included

  • 5 Weeks In Person Broker Training

  • Factoring Company Setup

  • Freight Broker Training - Online Course

  • 2 Full Body Professional Photos

  • How to Find Carriers - Online Course

  • Transportation Management System

  • Business Entity (LLC or INC)

  • Load Board Setup

  • Employer Identification Number

  • Business Cards (1000)

  • Broker Authority (MC Certificate)

  • Brochures (250)

  • USDOT Number

  • One embroidered polo shirt

  • Shipper Package

  • One embroidered jacket

  • Carrier Package

  • Lifetime Post Training Support

  • Brokerage Website

  • Build your book of business in training

  • Custom Logo

  • One on one coaching after training

  • Laptop or Desktop Computer System

  • Time Management Training

  • Business Phone Number

  • Leadership Training

  • Marketing Plan

  • Learn how to bring on agents

  • Business Plan

  • 2 Headshot Professional Photos

  • Business Email

  • Payroll Setup

  • How to Find Shippers - Online Course

  • Completion Certificate

Here's your weekly schedule

Week 1


Introduction: This is your first day at Freight Broker Academy. We will review introductions and paperwork and set everyone up on their computers and phones. Your computer will be at our facility when you arrive, so you can use it while you are here. Your other items will be shipped to your home. 


Average Day: On day two, we will review the average day as a broker. Staff will work individually with everyone to view their business documents, website, shipper package, carrier package, email accounts, etc., and take professional photos, so be camera-ready.  Andre will give presentations, and the class will start performing tasks as a broker. 


Action: Everyone's business is set up correctly, and you are ready to broker under your own Broker Authority. You will start building your business via prospecting and receiving guidance. Staff will work with everyone individually to ensure they are doing things correctly. You will start the process of building your business.


Action: Everyone will continue their tasks from Wednesday and start talking to carriers and reviewing the load boards. Everyone will respond to customers' emails and provide quotes for loads. Everyone will be building their shipper and carrier databases. Everyone will start to feel more comfortable about building their business.


Action: Everyone will continue their tasks from Wednesday to Thursday while responding to customers' emails, providing quotes for loads, and working through the brokering process. Everyone will continue building their shipper and carrier databases. Everyone will start working on the TMS and continue working on load boards. Everyone will begin moving towards brokering their first load. Your communication and multitasking skills will be getting better.

Week 2 - Week 4

Action: Everyone will continue their tasks from last week while responding to customers' emails, providing quotes for loads, and working through the brokering process. Everyone will continue building their shipper and carrier databases. Everyone will continue working on the TMS and load boards. Everyone will start to experience the whole process of brokering a load. Your communication and multitasking skills will be getting better. You will feel more comfortable about what to do. You will be creating rate confirmations and setting carriers up. Your business will start to grow.

Week 5 (Thursday and Friday)

Action & Ceremony: Everyone will have brokered loads and continue their tasks from previous weeks. On Thursday and Friday, staff will show you how to run your back office and complete administrative tasks. Staff will review all your documents and website again and answer any questions you may have. We will have a ceremony to celebrate your success and pass out certificates. You will schedule your first one-on-one post-training meeting.

Two Weeks

Post-Training: You will attend weekly meetings via Microsoft Teams for five weeks. We will evaluate your progress and provide more guidance if needed. This meeting will take place two weeks after you leave. After your five weeks are completed, you may schedule phone or video meetings anytime. 

Don't miss out on this opportunity to work with directly Andre Erving!

Andre Erving Global

This all takes place in a lovely suburb of Atlanta, Georgia!

As a part of Andre's five-week 10k Experience Program, you will have the chance to visit Atlanta.


Midtown Atlanta is known for many things, including nightlife, arts scene, and cuisine. Downtown Atlanta is home to spectacular tourist attractions, including Georgia Aquarium, College Football Hall of Fame, World of Coca-Cola, and more!  

Success Stories

Andre Erving Global

Becoming a boss is a transformation, you are not born a boss!

All of our knowledge and actions are learned from external sources. Every situation we encounter provides a lesson, whether it's positive or negative. From these experiences, we gain the skills necessary to become leaders, manage a company, create wealth, and achieve success.

Remember to never stop learning and seeking knowledge. Many millionaires have gone through training like this and utilized the resources to become authorities in their fields.

What people are saying

Don't miss out on this opportunity to work with directly Andre Erving!

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