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Introducing the comprehensive Dispatcher & Trucking Bundle Online Courses from Andre Erving Global! Whether you're looking to start a new career or enhance your existing skills in the trucking industry, this bundle offers you a complete package of knowledge and expertise.

With our user-friendly online platform, you can access these courses at your convenience, learning at your own pace. Become proficient in dispatching operations, gain insights into efficient route management, and develop crucial customer service skills to excel in this fast-paced field.


The Dispatcher & Trucking Bundle includes:


Business Formation
Obtaining a Truck
Obtaining a Trailer
Operator Authority
Truck & Trailer Registration
Insurance for carriers
How to register a truck and trailer
20 Steps To Scale Your Trucking Company - eBook
and more.


The Role of a Dispatcher
What is a Broker
How to set up a Dispatch business
How to Find Carriers
Dispatcher / Carrier Agreement
Fees / Payments
TMS / Loadboards
Additional Services
How to setup a carrier
What the FMCSA Says


You will receive one year of access to this course.


This course is go at your own pace.

Dispatcher & Trucking Bundle

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