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In Person Freight Broker Training - 3 Weeks



This course was designed to teach you how to broker freight and operate a transportation brokerage. Time management, negotiation, and communication skills are a few factors involved in accomplishing this. You will be on the phone with shippers and carriers, as well as on the load board and the TMS.


After enrolling, you will receive access to all online courses and materials. 


Expectations and Goals

  • Complete the brokering process.

  • Prospect to obtain customers.

  • Build a carrier database.

  • Build a book of business.


Course Materials Required Materials

  • Freight Broker Training Workbook - Will be provided 
  • Shipper Database - Will be provided 




Must complete the online courses below before attending training:

  • Freight Broker Training - Included in this purchase

  • How to Find Carriers - Included in this purchase

  • How to Find Shippers - Included in this purchase


Course Schedule

  • Monday - Friday

  • 7 am - 3 pm

  • When you schedule a Monday on the calendar, you will attend for the entire week. You do not have to schedule for all 5 days.

  • You will be able to schedule after you create an account

In Person Freight Broker Training - 3 Weeks

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